I have created a Unmanaged package with objects and other components. There is 1 page, 1 class and 1 test class in that package.

When i try to install that package in Professional edition...i get this error : enter image description here

Its giving the error to only Test class that i have added recently.Test class code:-

public class attachPDFToInvoiceTest {
   static testMethod void TestPDFToInvoice() {
       Project__c Proj = new Project__c();
       Proj.Project_Title__c = 'Test Project';
       Proj.Location__c = 'Test Location';
       Proj.Total_Amount__c = 0;
       Insert Proj;

       Invoice__c Inv = new Invoice__c();
       Inv.Project__c = Proj.id;
       Insert Inv;


       attachPDFToInvoice PDFToInvo = new attachPDFToInvoice(new ApexPages.StandardController(Inv));

Thanks for your time!

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We cannot create apex class in professional edition(Platform limitation) and we can't install a package which has apex class in it unless that package is from app exchange.

So you can't install a normal unmanage package in professional edition.

As from docs:

Your app can contain business logic such as classes, triggers, email services, etc. written in Apex. As a general rule, Apex is not supported in GE/PE, so it will not run in these editions. However, Apex developed as part of an ISV app and included in a managed package can run in GE/PE, even though those editions do not support Apex by default.

You must be an eligible partner with salesforce.com and your app has to pass the security review. The appropriate permissions will automatically be enabled after you pass the security review.

Using Apex in Group and Professional Editions

  • Thanks for reply :) I read this content on many sites today....So i created a managed package from that unmanaged package....but when i tried to install that package i got the same error. Apr 5, 2018 at 14:23
  • Can you please explain "However, Apex developed as part of an ISV app" part also how do i check if i am eligible partner with salesforce and how to pass the security review. Apr 5, 2018 at 14:25
  • @Dnyaneshwar You need to submit your app for app exchange. Anybody can create and submit App on App exchange. Apr 6, 2018 at 4:39

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