We did the following send:

Job ID: 123456

Name : Email name

Subject : some subject

Date Sent: 22/03/2018 10:31 AM

Total Sent: 15,663

Data Extensions:

DE Name (15663) sent

(Using All Subscribers)(15663 sent)

Excluded :

Global Email Suppression (2143 excluded)

If you notice there are 2143 excluded records, this is because we have setup an autosuppression list. I want to get the list of 2143 subscribers with the help of query activity. I had a look at the data views but I am unable to find this information.

Can someone point me to the right data view which I should be using to get these details out.

Thanks in advance.


You can query the ASL using an SQL query. Depending on how you ASL was implemented you might already have a data extension (and SQL) that automatically builds the ASL. Else you can simply query using :

[Email Address], 
[Date Added] 
From [Global Email Suppression] with (NOLOCK)

Save your results to a data extension with fields Email Address and Date Added.

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@Chandan try like this

select fields1,fields2 from auto suppression list name
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