I'm interested to learn pardot. Can anyone briefly explain these concepts in salesforce pardot?

  1. Objective

  2. Data Model

  3. Editions

    Is there a free trial version of salesforce pardot? If yes where can I find it? How can I enable salesforce pardot in my Developer Org?

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You can get details from the Partner community Pardot B2B Marketing Automation

Doesnt look like it is something you can enable in your developer org, you need to signup for their Free Demo orgs/Training environment:


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we donn have pardot free trail edition. but we have pardot appexchange. pardot is paid edition. once you got the pardot paid edition credentials. you can install pardot appexchange in your salesforce using above URL or we will connect through connecter in pardot to salesforce(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgOyBdXCTCc).

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