I need to find all the data extensions where a particular subscriber/ email address exists. Is there a way I can obtain that list? using API or any query?

Because of this upcoming GDPR thing, we are required to develop all kinds of processes


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I've built something like this for a client. It took several weeks.

The gist is that you can retrieve all Data Extensions and Data Extension Fields via SOAP API and store them in Data Extensions. I used a Script Activity and WSProxy for this.

From there, I wrote another series of Script Activities that generate a Query Activities for a set of Subscribers for every Data Extension in the inventory of Data Extensions.

Once I had all of the Query Activities created, I just executed them all in an Automation.

The client just needed to populate a Data Extension of subscribers to search and kick off the process.

The end result was a Data Extension of Subscriber Keys and they Data Extensions they were in.


You can manually take Backup of your Org using Eclipse and then search the target email address. This is the easiest way.

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