public without sharing class COMM_Articles {

    public static List<COMM_Releases__kav> getFeaturesData(){         
        List<COMM_Releases__kav> communityArticlesList = [
            SELECT Release_date_of_feature__c, Short_description_of_feature__c,Long_description_of_feature__c
            FROM COMM_Releases__kav 
            WITH DATA CATEGORY SF_Help_Desk__c 
            AT (CommunityReleaseHome__c,CommunityReleaseFeature__c,CommunityReleaseTeaser__c)
        System.debug('communityArticlesList.size:' + communityArticlesList.size());
        return communityArticlesList;

I am able to query data from Dev console, workbench, anonymous window but not apex.

I gave access to this object in the profile. Data categories have All Access

even simple select id from comm_releases__kav is not returning anything from apex

anyone had the same issue?


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I didn't enable Parter/Customer/Public Knowledge Base checkboxes for channels. It works fine once i enable for all channels i need. Thanks @glls

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