I'm trying to override the new button on one of my objects with a lightning component. If this object is being created on an opportunity is there a way to get the id of that opportunity? If you override the new button with a visualforce page you can access the opportunity id in the url, so I'm just curious if theres a similar way to get the opp id with a lightning component.

  • I have started development on my component. You mentioned it is possible, what are some good resources on how to go about this? – SalesforceUser1234 Mar 29 '18 at 17:45
  • I just made a new button for casecomments from case object, I used force:hasrecordid in order to grab the case id and place it into the casecomment parentid field – Tim Willis Mar 29 '18 at 17:47

I am assuming you are trying to create a new child record on an Opportunity, using the New button on related list.

Your lightning component must implement lightning:actionOverride and force:hasRecordId interface. You must also manually override the New button on the child object with the lightning component you created.

Doing so, Salesforce will automatically add a recordId attribute on your component, with the Opportunity record Id.

In your client side controller or helper, you can fetch the Opportunity record id using component.get("v.recordId").

Whenever a lightning component is embedded on the lightning record detail or page, lightning automatically adds the recordId in context, provided the hasRecordId interface has been implemented.

Salesforce document states that:

The recordId attribute is set only when you place or invoke the component in an explicit record context. For example, when you place the component directly on a record page layout, or invoke it as an object-specific action from a record page or object home.

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    I tried this, but for me it does not work. I did an override on the 'new Case' button. Implemented the Lightning Component with actionOverride and hasRecordId. Then when I click on the 'New Case' button on the Account layout, there is no recordId to be found. It works however when I embed the Lightning Component directly on the Account Lightning Page, but that's not what we want. Are you sure your suggested solution works? – Willem Mulder Dec 3 '18 at 15:53
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    You actually cant use force:hasRecordId with an overridden "new" button. If you try overriding the "new" opportunity button on an Account related list, you'll find that component.get("v.recordId") is null. I can't tell you why, but this is definitely a fact. – Nicholas Zozaya Mar 15 at 6:42

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