How to extract custom object meta-data into my DX project since sfdx force:source:status does not recognise the imported custom object via mdapi?

The reason to do this is to decouple my DX project from sandbox


  1. I have a very simple custom object with all default fields in sandbox.
  2. I retrieved this custom object metadata from sandbox by sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve
  3. I imported the metadata into a fresh new scratch org by sfdx force:mdapi:deploy
  4. I validate that the custom object with all its fields is visible in scratch org
  5. I run sfdx force:source:status, it doesn't notice this change in the corresponding scratch org

Expected result

sfdx force:source:status should have shown the diff and I would be able to pull the changes down to the local project.

  • This sounds like a commonplace problem, nobody has a clue or nobody had this issue at all...?
    – Xi Xiao
    Mar 29, 2018 at 20:39

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I figured out that I need to convert the extracted meta-data from mdapi and convert into DX format in my DX project. Scratch org will not know the difference if I directly push these meta-data via mdapi into scratch org.


assume a package.xml containing list of meta-data is in place, the goal is to retrieve meta-data from sandbox and conver to a DX format so we can save these metadata to git as well as push into scratch org

sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve -r retrieveCodeoutput -k package.xml -u sandbox1

unzip retrieveCodeoutput/unpackaged.zip

then move the unpacked folder to a DX project root path

sfdx force:mdapi:convert --rootdir unpackaged/

above command will convert metadata info and save to current DX project


  • 1
    I tried this with an existing sandbox, but when deploying to a scratch org, all I got was the usual long list of errors (Invalid Type, Variable does not exist etc.)
    – Hans
    Dec 19, 2019 at 12:25

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