I have 9 Business Units in Marketing Cloud and I have 1 user that is integrated with Sales Cloud. Now initially I had 2 BUs in MC and those 2 BUs were integrated with SC during Connector set up. Now, that I have more BUs in MC and I want to include those in SC as well, I logged in to SC -> Marketing Cloud -> Configure Marketing cloud Connector -> Manage Business Units

I am getting this error on SC:

Sorry, something went wrong.We weren't able to retrieve your business units. Check to make sure you have permission to access these business units and try again. Need more help? Turn on logging and open a support case in the Help and Training portal.

And to clarify here itself, no permissions were changed. The permissions I had earlier when I integrated those 2 BUs, same set of permissions I possess now, too.

Since the new BUs are not integrated with SC, I am unable to trigger journeys in MC on creation /updation of objects.

Any suggestions on this?

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After some research and not reaching to any solution, I refreshed the selected Business Units by removing them, saving and the adding and saving again. This solved my issue.


You may need to raise the case with SFMC support. I have seen these issues, and support needs to toggle some backend settings to reset the SC and SFMC connection.

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