I have created a quarterly report in wave analytics as below.enter image description here

My requirement is instead of count of rows I need to display the average per quarter. For ex. If in Q1 the dates are from Jan & Feb then the average should be a total no of rows/2, if the record, if the dates are from Jan, Feb, March then the avarage of quarter should be count of rows/3.

I can see the average option but it is for some number fields, it is not to the count like below enter image description here

Please Let know if anyone has any idea about this.


yeah you can create it through Compare table, let the first column be count of rows and the grouping be year-month or year-quarter. since you know,what the grouping is you can calculate the average based on count. create a new column and in the formula section A/3 if grouped by quarter else what ever will be your groupping and finally you can hide the count of rows column and only show the average as measure.

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