I have scenario like calling a lightning component from VF page. Once value updated in lightning component the value should be update in VF page.

I have used 'window.opener.location.href' in lightning client side controller to redirect to VF page from lightning component. But this event is blocked in lightning.

I have tried another approach in lightning component like:

"<a href="!javascript:top.window.opener.closeCampaignLookup('{!a.id}','','','')">{!acc.Name}</a>"

But could not save lightning component, since getting error like "Cannot mix expression and literal string in attribute value, try rewriting like {!'foo' + v.bar}: " Please help me on this.

  • did you find any solution, i have come across the same situation Sep 3, 2018 at 18:52

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Have you tried to use sforce.one.navigateToURL("/apex/VisualForcePageXYZ?id=" + '{!a.Id}') to redirect to Visualforce page or sforce.one.navigateToSObject('{!a.Id}', 'detail') to redirect to standard detail page.

Lightning mode is detected (sforce.one != undefined). For example:

if(sforce.one != undefined) {
 sforce.one.navigateToURL('/apex/VisualForcePageXYZ?id=' + '{!a.Id}');

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