when I send a email of Marketing cloud in salesforce when I preview email I got a error 'Error retrieving subscriber data: [E131] We couldn't retrieve the Contact/Lead information for the Marketing Cloud. Make sure you have permission to access email opt out and try again'

pls suggest me if there is any solution for that ?

Thanks !

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Make sure your user has the needed permission sets for Marketing Cloud Connect applied, as well as having the Sales/Service Cloud User integrated with a Marketing Cloud user with the correct permissions. Field level security settings on the Contact/Lead object's opt out field could also have an impact on the email send.

If that doesn't help there may be a problem with the API user integration.

Possible reasons summarized:

  • Necessary permission sets not applied
  • Sales/Service Cloud user not integrated with Marketing Cloud user
  • Field level security not set correctly
  • API user integration faulty

Related information:

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