Is there any way to view Salesforce debug logs in eclise ide? I tried to do some preliminary search but couldn't find anything.

  • If you run anonymous apex in eclipse you will see the debug. – Sergej Utko Nov 27 '13 at 7:37

You will only be able to view the debug logs for an action that you start from eclipse - running unit tests or execute anonymous.

  • But its only shows the testing method debug statements . Suppose if i want to make checkpoints at some lines of code in salesforce project . How do i run debug mode for salesforce ? – upgoingstar Jan 9 '14 at 11:09
  • Is there any better force IDE for doing these all stuff ? – upgoingstar Jan 9 '14 at 11:10
  • You should post this as a separate question. – Bob Buzzard Jan 9 '14 at 11:20

You can use Apex Debugger (Google Chrome extension) to ease the debugging process of salesforce

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