I am adding Opportunity Close Date with Format DD/MM/YYYY to Length of Contract in Months in Process Builder

Close Date field format is DD/MM/YYYY

Here is my formula: MONTH([Opportunity].CloseDate)+ MONTH([Opportunity].Length_of_Contract_Months__c)

But it throws this error The formula expression is invalid: Incorrect parameter type for function 'MONTH()'. Expected Date, received Number


it seems Length_of_Contract_Months__c field is not a date field. It's number field. if Length of contact months is number and equivalent to months, then You don't need to convert them in months.

Here is my formula: MONTH([Opportunity].CloseDate))+ Opportunity.Length_of_Contract_Months__c

Why you're getting error: You try to take month from a Number field. Month() function takes Date field and returns month from that date.

How to achieve what you're trying to do:

MONTH([Opportunity].CloseDate)) + Opportunity.Length_of_Contract_Months__c

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