When editing multiple Apex classes using MavensMate in Sublime Text is it possible to save them all back to Salesforce in one MetadataContainer?

I've got an abstract base class and a controller that implements it plus a Visualforce page and component. Trying to refactor code between them all is leading to some tricky dependency loops.

E.g. I'm trying at add a new abstract base class. I can't save the abstract base class as the dependant controller class doesn't implement it yet.

I've tried selecting multiple .cls files in the folder view and right clicking. The MavensMate > Compile Selected Files option is disabled.

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Yes, they have a command for compile_tabs that saves all open files to the server. I'd thought it was originally tied to super-shift-d but it no longer appears to be documented in their shortcuts list although it may still be active.

Personally, I didn't like their default key binding since it overrides the default sublime text behavior of duplicating a line. You can fix that and add your own short cut key (super-shift-s felt like the most appropriate for save all), by appending the following to your user key bindings file.

    {  "keys": ["super+shift+d"], "command": "duplicate_line" },
    {  "keys": ["super+shift+s"], "command": "compile_tabs"},

The command can also be accessed via the Command Palette (ctrl+shift+P) then "MavensMate: Compile Tabs"

See also MavensMate Issue: Would like to save multiple open files

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