I have a custom object C.

It has two fields F1__c and F2__c.

In my controller there is a String s.

The s contains "F1__c"

Will it be possible for me to display this field whose API name is contained in the variable s ?

public xyzcontroller 

public String s{get;set;}

public xyzcontroller()

s = "F1__c";




I tried following Vamsi's answer but no luck.

Here is my actual VF/Controller

VF Page

<apex:page Controller="TestXXXController" showHeader="false" sidebar="false">

    <apex:form id="theform">

        <apex:outputField value="{!pr.get(varstr)}"/>



public class TestXXXController {

    public XXX__c pr{get;set;}

    public String varstr{get;set;}

    public TestXXXController()

    public void init()

        XXX__c p = new XXX__c();
        String queryStr = 'Select '+CommonUsedClass.sObjectGetAllFields(p).trim()+' FROM XXX__c LIMIT 1';
        List<XXX__c> plist = new List<XXX__c>();
        plist = Database.query(queryStr);

        pr = plist[0];

        System.debug('p == > '+ pr);

        varstr = 'Schema.XXX__c.Name';



The above VF page gives me compile error as shown below

Could not resolve field 'get(varstr)' from <apex:outputField> value binding '{!pr.get(varstr)}' in page TestXXX1
  • @Vamsi - Unfortunately the answer you provided does not work :(
    – VPY
    Mar 23, 2018 at 3:50

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<apex:page controller="SampleApex">
    FirstName : {!cObj['FirstName']}
    LastName : {!cObj[VarStr]}

Controller :

public class SampleApex {

    public Contact cObj {get;set;}
    String varStr;
    public SampleApex () {
        cObj = new Contact (FirstName ='JAck', LastName='Cool');

        varStr = 'LastName';        

    public String getVarStr () {
       return varStr;

Assuming you want to display the value of a field in your visualforce page, You can use sObject.get(fiedName) in apex:outputField to pass in the fieldName dynamically and get the value displayed.

<apex:outputField value="{!YourObject.get(YourFieldNameVariable)}"/>

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