I have a request to build an approval process on a custom object and the request should be routed to the "Director" (ie, the record owner's manager's manager), and it appears the way to accomplish this is with a trigger.

From what I've read, this is what I think I need:

I need to create a 'Director' field on the User object that will populate the manager of the user's manager to reference for the approval.

On the User object, the trigger should fire whenever the Manager != NULL or if the user's manager is changed and update the Director field.

How can I implement this requirement?

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I think you'll be able to implement this requirement without any Apex. Instead you should be able to use Process Builder to retrieve and set this field.

  1. Create a new Process Builder flow.
  2. The process starts when: a record changes.
  3. Add Object: User.
    • Start the process: when a record is created or edited.
  4. Add Criteria named something like "Manager Changed". Use a formula:

        ISNEW(), ISCHANGED([User].ManagerId)
  5. Add an action to update the record which triggered the flow.
  6. Select your lookup field, then set the Type: Field Reference.
    • First select the Manager ID > option (includes arrow).
    • Next select the Manager ID option (without arrow).
  7. Save your action and your flow.
  8. Activate.

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