I am getting a CPU timeout from my loop. I have checked the debug logs and my start and end dates have the correct dates in them. I have tried setting the condition to be dtoday.adddays(3) just as a test and got the same result. What am I not seeing?

List<Date> allDays = new list<Date>(); 
Date dToday = system.today();

date currentDay  = dToday.toStartOfMonth(); 
System.debug('CurrentDate = '+currentDay );     
date lastDay = dToday.toStartOfMonth().addMonths(1).addDays(-1);  
System.debug('LastDay = '+lastDay );    

while (currentDay < lastday) {
system.debug('AllDays'+ allDays);

The addDays method does not modify the value but instead returns the modified date. So you need:

currentDay = currentDay.addDays(1);

Your current code hits the CPU limit because currentDay never changes.

  • Ahhhh, yes now I see my mistake. Thanks! Haven't coded anything in months so rusty :( – Matt M Mar 19 '18 at 16:18

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