I hope I am just missing something that is right in front of my nose, but I keep getting an error when creating this send definition. It works smashingly when I remove the attempt to put in a Publication list, but when I place in the SendDefinitionList containing the Pub List, it errors.


<StatusMessage>The send definition has the following 2 error(s):
  The list is not specified for send definition list array element 2.
The list with ID =  was not found for send definition list array element 2.

SOAP code causing issues: (added in sample ID/CustKey in code below)


I checked everything and the correct DataSourceTypeID and SendDefinitionListType should be set to OptOutList - and I pulled the ID and customerkey from another call, so I know those are accurate, but the error makes it seem like that ID does not exist.

Example RetrieveResponseMsg when grabbing the Pub List info:

<RetrieveResponseMsg xmlns="http://exacttarget.com/wsdl/partnerAPI">
    <Results xsi:type="List">
        <PartnerKey xsi:nil="true" />
        <ObjectID xsi:nil="true" />
        <CustomerKey>My Pub Customer Key</CustomerKey>

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You probably need to specify the ID of the list inside List tag to define that you are looking for a list, for example:


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