I have a custom field on the OpportunityLineItem and want to show it in a custom report.

Current setup:

  1. Custom Report Type: Invoices with Asset
  2. OpportunityLineItem- child of Opportunity
  3. Invoice - child of Opportunity

So, in theory, I should be able to add the custom field in the custom report type, following the path:

Invoice Fields(Lookup) > Opportunity > OpportunityLineItem > Custom field. 

But after the Opportunity > I don't have the OpportunityLineItem option.

What am I missing here and what relationship should I add in order to get the Custom Field from the OpportunityLineItem?


Opportunity does not have a Lookup relationship to Opportunity Line Item. Opportunity Line Item is a child of Opportunity. You cannot descend a master-to-detail object hierarchy using the Add Fields Via Lookup option in a custom report type.

You cannot add this field to your custom report type as described. You would need to consider using a Joined Report or using a Roll-Up Summary Field to surface the information on the Opportunity.

  • Thanks for a quick reply @DavidReed. I will use a Joined Report as the custom field is a text field I need to show on a report. – Nick Mar 19 '18 at 14:03

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