enter image description hereI have created a CloudPage with a form that writes to a data extension, form renders with no problems, but on submission of the data, Google Chrome dev console shows a 500 server error, no errors are shown in ExactTarget.

CloudPage can be found at https://pub.s1.exacttarget.com/lfdm2ttmhoc

This page was built using the new Content Builder within ExactTarget. It does not happen to every form submit.

I am not familiar with AmpScript and suspect that is the issue.


var @LastName, @FirstName, @Title, @CompanyName, @EmailAddress, @PhoneNumber, @Allergies, @ICEName, @ICEPhone, @ICERelationship, @FutureCommOptIn, @PhotoRecordOptIn, @createDeRecord, @curtime

set @LastName = RequestParameter("LastName") set @FirstName = RequestParameter("FirstName") set @Title = RequestParameter("Title") set @EmailAddress = RequestParameter("EmailAddress") set @CompanyName = RequestParameter("CompanyName") set @PhoneNumber = RequestParameter("PhoneNumber") set @Allergies = RequestParameter("Allergies") set @ICEName = RequestParameter("ICEName") set @ICEPhone = RequestParameter("ICEPhone") set @ICERelationship = RequestParameter("ICERelationship") set @FutureCommOptIn = RequestParameter("FutureCommOptIn") set @PhotoRecordOptIn = RequestParameter("PhotoRecordOptIn") set @curtime = xtshortdate

if RequestParameter("submitted") == "submitted" then

set @createDeRecord = UpsertDE( "HMHS - Conference", 1,"LastName",@LastName, "FirstName",@FirstName, "Title",@Title, "EmailAddress",@EmailAddress, "PhoneNumber",@PhoneNumber, "Allergies",@Allergies, "ICEName",@ICEName, "ICEPhone",@ICEPhone, "ICERelationship",@ICERelationship, "FutureCommOptIn",@FutureCommOptIn, "PhotoRecordOptIn",@PhotoRecordOptIn, "CompanyName",@CompanyName, "DateSubmitted",@curtime ) endif


  • Hi. Please post AMPscript that you used in CloudPages and the Data Extension details, like all the attribute names, types and such. – Rain Mar 15 '18 at 14:02
  • @Atheri I updated the original post with image and code. Thanks for looking. I also tweeted Marketing Cloud Support. – Chelsea Koontz Mar 16 '18 at 15:04

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