so for iOS MobilePush, i have location based and outbound based push notifications working, and configured the following

ETPush pushManager

with proper services enabled, and other changes I need to make to the app completed (such as sending update in the background even if app is not in foreground etc)

Is there a way for me to get the lat long of each device who subscribed to the location based? if so where? if not, do i have to manually attach the lat long as attributes and send them from app to salesforce?


There is not a way to get the coordinate of the device in the Marketing Cloud system unless you were to do as you are suggesting - send lat/lon back into the system as an attribute or some other back-end hook (Marketing Cloud never stores device location on the server).

As a customer, you'd be on the hook to set data as you mention and leverage that in your segmentation audience.

You would want to make every effort to not persist specific user location without their knowledge nor without a way for them to remove that data - there are privacy implications which should be taken into account.

Additionally, you should work to limit updates to MobilePush registration data to be a good SDK/MobilePush data/network citizen (i.e. don't push very small changes in location back into the system over and over).

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