below is my code Created a wrapper class like below

public class ResponseWrapper{
    public list<Account> lstaccounts;
    public boolean isError ;
    public string errorCode;
    public integer statusCode;
       public ResponseWrapper(){
         lstaccounts = new list<Account>();
         isError= false;


and returning the wrapper class in the Httpget method

global with sharing class AccountRestService {
global static ResponseWrapper getAccounts() {
    ResponseWrapper resWrap = new ResponseWrapper();
    List<Account> accounts;

    try {
        accounts = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Account];
        res.lstaccounts = accounts;
    } catch (Exception e) {
        RestResponse res = RestContext.response;
        resWrap.isError = true;
        res.responseBody = Blob.valueOf(e.getMessage()) = resWrap.errorCode;
        res.statusCode = 500 = resWrap.statusCode;

    return resWrap;

but its throwing the Error message Error: Compile Error: global methods do not support return type of ResponseWrapper at line 4 column 31


Global methods must return global data types. You need to declare your class as global in order to use it as a return value.

As a side note, there's no point to your try-catch block here, because there's no exception you can possibly catch.

Also, you can chain assignments, but the value you're assigning must be on the far right:

    res.statusCode = resWrap.statusCode = 500;

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