I am able to view case fields mapping like below:

enter image description here

There is only:

  • case owner
  • case priority
  • case origin
  • case record type

But how to know if there is more field mapped in case object.
For Example:

  • Email Subject --> Case Subject
  • Email Body --> Case Description
  • Sender Email Address --> Web Email
  • Sender Name --> Web Name

I'm getting above mapping from testing send email-to-case record
But how to get above mapping information in salesforce setup? Is there any documentation on these case mapping fields?

Also, I want to add custom mapping and put it to custom field:

  • Email header --> Email_Header__c

Is this custom field mapping possible?

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There is no standard way to map custom/Standard fields in Salesforce in Email to Case.

You need to use trigger and parse the message body to get the content and then need to populate the data.

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