I want to query a triggered send to get the sends done in last 30 days. I am using the following SQL query

select SubscriberKey,EventDate as SentTime,JobID
from _Sent
TriggeredSendCustomerKey = 10411 and 
EventDate > dateadd(d,-30,getdate())

However the system is retuirng the sent in last 30 days in UTC time zone. I want to get the results in Melbourne, Australia Time Zone. Is there a way to achive it?


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As looking at your SQL query, GetDate() will return the current time on the system. SFMC runs on CST (non-daylight savings observing), so you will always get back a CST datetime value in your result.

So ideally you're pulling in the 30 days of data comparing both EventDate and GetDate() in CST hence I do not assume you need to convert the CST to AEST/AEDT.

Also if you do need to convert the CST time to AEST/AEDT then you can achieve this by:

  • AEST = GETDATE() + 16 hours

  • AEDT = GETDATE() + 17 hours


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