Is it possible to configure dynamic panel rules based on whether or not a contact exists in a few different data extensions? Eg. show panel A if contact exists in DE A, show panel B if contact exists in DE B



As per your case, if the contact ID (unique identifier) is standard across all the DEs, you can achieve the solution using the LookUp AMPscript function.

Here is an example:

SET @ContactIDValue = 'Your Contact ID'
SET @Lookup1 = Lookup('Data_Extension1','ContactIDField','ContactIDField',@ContactIDValue)
SET @Lookup2 = Lookup('Data_Extension2','ContactIDField','ContactIDField',@ContactIDValue)
SET @Lookup3 = Lookup('Data_Extension3','ContactIDField','ContactIDField',@ContactIDValue)

IF length(@Lookup1) > 0 AND NOT EMPTY(@Lookup1) THEN]%%
    <!--Your Dynamic Panel A-->
%%[ELSEIF length(@Lookup2) > 0 AND NOT EMPTY(@Lookup2) THEN]%%
    <!--Your Dynamic Panel B-->
%%[ELSEIF length(@Lookup3) > 0 AND NOT EMPTY(@Lookup3) THEN]%%
    <!--Your Dynamic Panel C-->
    <!--Your Default Panel-->


In the above AMPscript, set the value of the contactID to an AMPscript variable @ContactIDValue which is then used to compare on the multiple lookups depending on the number of the Data Extensions you want to lookup on. Then you compare the lookup values using IF and ELSEIF statements, moreover the ELSE will set to a default panel if the contact doesn't exist on all those Data Extensions.

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