I need to get the Name of the Territory to assign it to a field, but when I try it, it generates an error.

this is my code:

List<UserTerritory> myList = [
    select Id, UserId, TerritoryId 
    from UserTerritory
    where UserId = :UserInfo.getUserId()

Set<Id> territoryIds = new Set<Id>();
for(UserTerritory terr : myList) {

List<Territory> territoryN = new List<Territory>([
    select Id, Name
    from Territory
    where Id = :territoryIds
    limit 1

System.debug('NAME TERRITORY******' + territoryN.Name);

in the System.debug I need view the Name (territoryN.Name) and the error is:

Variable does not exist: Name


territoryN is type of List<Territory>. Pay attention, that not just Territory. List is a container class in Apex. In order to debug names of territiries located in territoryN variable, you need to iterate list. Try:

for(Territory item :territoryN){
    System.debug('Territory name:' + item.Name);

instead of

System.debug('NAME TERRITORY******' + territoryN.Name);
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Please check below code and also run your query in "query editor"

List<Territory> territoryN = new List<Territory>([select Id, Name from Territory where Id in: territoryIds]);

 for(Territory tr:territoryN){
system.debug('****territory name******'+tr.name); }
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