I'd like to add a table to a dashboard to simply provide a list of Salesforce campaigns and the URL to their Salesforce record. I am not a developer so I've done very limited apex coding. Hoping this is pretty straightforward to just display text and active hyperlinks. Thank you.

Campaign Name1   Salesforce record URL
Campaign Name2   Salesforce record URL
Campaign Name3   Salesforce record URL
  • This sounds like a task that is achievable with a standard Salesforce report component (not Visualforce). If you really need to display the literal URL, as opposed to just providing a link, a formula field could generate this value. – David Reed Mar 6 '18 at 20:11
  • What are the criteria for displaying the list of Campaigns? Once you put a Visualforce page into a dashboard, you will lose filtering on the dashboard. So you should try for a solution that requires zero Apex and go with a report that pulls a list of Campaigns. – DavidSchach Mar 6 '18 at 20:35

You don't need to be a developer to do this. Make a report that shows a list of Campaigns (grouped by some field because you'll need to do that to put it on a dashboard) and then put that table into your dashboard.

For more information, try this Trailhead module: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/modules/reports_dashboards


enter image description here

So, this is what I initially created. It displays the URLs, but they are not clickable URLs. If you click on the chart, it takes you to the source report. Is there a way to make the URLs actual clickable links from a dashboard component/chart?

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