While editing/creating an email within "Email Studio"/"contentbuilder" you currently have the choice of embedding the following blocks by drag/drop:

  • Button
  • Free form
  • HTML Image
  • Text
  • AB test
  • Dynamic Content
  • External Content
  • Image Carousel
  • Einstein Content
  • Reference Content
  • Social Follow
  • Social Share

I would like to add additional blocks to the current possible blocks. I have seen this done - but I don't know how to.

The function of the additional block could be eg. "Interactive block", "Last 3 purchase" etc - and should be developed and maintained by ourselves.

It might have been based on https://github.com/salesforce-marketingcloud/blocksdk - but its hard to say based on the current documentation.

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The Content SDK is complete. As per the readme, it exposes the following five JavaScript methods to use in your Custom Blocks:

  • getContent(callback) - callback gets passed a content string
  • setContent(contentString, callback) - callback gets passed a confirmation content string
  • getData(callback) - callback gets passed an object with custom block metadata
  • setData(dataObject, callback) - callback gets passed a confirmation object
  • setSupercontent(contentString, callback) - callback gets passed a confirmation superContent string

The developer documentation for the Content SDK is available here.

Note that you can't deploy a block to production at the moment — this will be available in the April release. However, in the meantime, there's a simple test app you can use at https://blocktester.herokuapp.com/

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