Is it possible if I can print multiple values from Lookup(). So for example I want to print following values in email;

Address 1 City State

Here is my code but seems it is not working.

%%=Lookup("Policy","Address 1","City","State","PolicyNumber",PolicyNumber)=%%

Is there a way to have a one lookup done and we can print multiple values from DE.

I tried creating multiple lookup values and it works, but it does not seems to me an effiecent way. For example the following method work.

%%=Lookup("Policy","Address 1","PolicyNumber",PolicyNumber)=%%

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As @Timothy mentioned, you will need to utilize a block of AMPscript for this.

What you need to do is create a rowset via LookupOrderedRows() or LookupRows() functions.

After this you would use Row() to select which row and then Field() to select the specific field you want.

See below sample:

SET @PolicyNumber = AttributeValue("PolicyNumber")

SET @Rows = LookupRows("Policy", "PolicyNumber", @PolicyNumber)

SET @Row = ROW(@Rows, 1)

SET @Address = Field(@Row, "Address")
SET @City = Field(@Row, "City")
SET @State = Field(@Row, "State")
Address: %%=v(@Address)=%% <br />
City: %%=v(@City)=%%<br />
State: %%=v(@State)=%%<br />
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    It's great... I just have to fix one thing that is SET @Row = ROW(@Rows, 1)
    – Sohail
    Mar 2, 2018 at 15:27

You're going to need a larger AMPscript code block to do it. Have a look at user Adam Spriggs blog at https://sprignaturemoves.com/ampscript-lookup-examples/

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