I have an E2.0 account with parent/child MIDs and I'm trying to pull in a population for a Journey.

When I combine _ListSubscribers with _EnterpriseAttribute and declare ListID = 'All Subs List ID" the query works fine... when I change the ListID value to a specific list value, I get 0 records.

Since the fields are shared across all Lists, I assumed this would work...?

The field we're running the query against is Joined Mailing List Date

Here's the query:

a.[Joined mailing list date], b.SubscriberKey, b.EmailAddress as Email 
FROM ent._EnterpriseAttribute a
JOIN ent._ListSubscribers b  ON a._SubscriberID= b.SubscriberID
b.ListID= '66391' AND 
b.SubscriberKey like 'PRE_%' AND 
b.SubscriberKey Not Like '%@%' AND 
(datediff(d,[Joined mailing list date],getdate()) = 1 OR datediff(d,[Joined mailing list date],getdate()) = 2) AND 
b.SubscriberKey NOT IN (SELECT SubscriberKey FROM Welcome_Suppression)

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You can't query data from a specific list that isn't stored in the business unit where you are running the query from. The reason you can access the All Subscribers is because that is shared across all business units.

This is what makes Shared Data Extensions ideal. If you have to use lists, it would likely be easiest to have queries running in each required business unit which will push data into a Data Extension accessible by the business unit running the Journey.

  • I think your answer poked me in the right direction... Originally, I was using the ALL SUBS list, but had to change the query at the client's request... but, I kept the ent. prefix on _ListSubscribers (which is no longer necessary). I'm going to try it without the ent. prefix this afternoon. Mar 1, 2018 at 16:50
  • Confirming that removing the ent. prefix from _ListSubscribers fixed the query! Mar 1, 2018 at 17:55
  • Glad I could help in a round-about kind of way :P Mar 1, 2018 at 18:07

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