In my apex code i have a variable resultField and a List<Id> objIds. What i need is a List<My_Obj__c> objs = [select Id, :resultField from My_Obj__c where Id in :objIds];. This is not working because apparantly i can't specify :resultField even though :objIds work in the query. Is there a way to do it other than string concatinations.

  • @RahulSharma i am trying to select a second field dynamically from variable resultField. That's why there is that , – Gurbakhshish Singh Feb 28 '18 at 19:52

You cannot use Apex bindings in the SELECT or FROM clauses of a SOQL query. Bindings are available in the WHERE clause.

You'll need to use Dynamic SOQL to construct your query as a string concatenation, as you mention - there's not another way to build a query with dynamic values in the SELECT clause.

  • will it let me do Database.query('select Id, ' + resultField + ' from My_Obj__c where Id in :objIds'). Will it let me bind :objIds – Gurbakhshish Singh Feb 28 '18 at 19:50
  • Yes. You can still do simple binding to Apex variables. – David Reed Feb 28 '18 at 19:55

Salesforce only takes bind variable in WHERE clause and not in the SELECT statement.

So, you need to perform String concatenation.

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