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I have a data extension configured for Journey Builder.It has one to one cardinality with contactkey in contact builder. The name of the data extension is Lead Gen. Now I want to split the subscriber based on a link clicked. The alias for the link is Interested.

I followed the solution from the link and created a Data Extension (Facebook Interested Event) with the following fields.(snippet attached)

Facebook Interested Event

Now when I sent the email and clicked on the link the above data extension got populated. I have used the below query:

SELECT SubscriberID, SubscriberKey, ListID, EventDate, Domain, URL, LinkName, TriggeredSendCustomerKey FROM _click WHERE LinkName = 'Interested'

Now as mentioned in step 4, one more DE need to be created which should be used for decision split in Journey Builder. If possible can someone explain this step?


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Seems like this solution is not required as in Journey Builder you can do the engagement split based on a particular link.


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