I have two instances of one custom object and want to compare all of their fields to make sure they are exactly the same. I have the code below:

CustomObject__c validCustomObject = new CustomObject__c(...);
CustomObject__c queriedCustomObject = [SELECT ... FROM CustomObject__c WHERE Name validCustomObject.Name];
System.assertEquals(validCustomObject, queriedCustomObject);

But the assertion fails. I have confirmed that the two variables have exactly the same fields and ids and want to find a way to compare them. I can build an equals() method but is there such a method for sObjects so I don't need to implement it myself?

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    A difference in a single field - an Id in one instance and no Id in the other instance or a single field queried in one instance but not set in the other - makes the objects not equal. I've tried to rely on the built in equals logic, but have always ended up writing my own method so I can restrict the logic to the fields that matter for the business logic – Keith C Feb 27 '18 at 21:58

Equals does work (e.g. validCustomObject == queriedCustomObject), but remember that queries include hidden fields, so you'd have to also include those fields in those constructed objects. It's usually easier to just construct a record from the query, then use equals() or == on the constructed object:

CustomObject__c queriedObject = [...];
CustomObject__c compareObject = new CustomObject__c(Field1=queriedObject.Field1...);
System.assertEquals(validCustomObject, compareObject);

This is marginally faster than writing your own equals method.

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