I'm subscribed to two different push topics, and one of them doesn't register any event types as "Create" only as an "Update".

My config for the working push topic is as follows: { "Name": "SaleUpdate", "Query": `SELECT Id , Name , Prospect_Phone_Number_1__c , i360__Prospect_Email__c , i360__Appointment_Address__c , i360__Appointment_City__c , i360__Appointment_State__c , i360__Appointment_Zip__c , i360__Market_Segment__c , i360__Sales_Rep_1__c , i360__Sales_Rep_2__c , i360__Appointment__c FROM i360__Sale__c`, "ApiVersion": 34.0, "NotifyForOperationCreate": true, "NotifyForOperationUpdate": true, "NotifyForFields": "All" } And for the push topic that is only receiving updates: { "Name": "ProjectUpdate", "Query": `SELECT Id , i360__Sale__c , i360__Project_Number__c , i360__Status__c , i360__Start_Date__c , i360__Completed_On__c FROM i360__Project__c`, "ApiVersion": 34.0, "NotifyForOperationCreate": true, "NotifyForOperationUpdate": true, "NotifyForFields": "All" }

Is there something I'm doing wrong in creating the push topic? To clarify, whenever I insert an i360__Project__c, I receive and event; my problem is that the message.event.type is always "updated".

  • What happens if you set NotifyForOperationUpdate to false and leave NotifyForOperationCreate true? Are there any triggers on i360__Project__c that could be causing an update immediately after the insert? – Daniel Ballinger Feb 28 '18 at 20:08

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