I would like to retrieve All Subscriber from a List where the Add Method is 'Import'.

I tryed do a query like this:

SELECT * FROM _ListSubscribers
WHERE ListID = 2677 AND addMethod = 'Import'

But I retrieved nothing.

If I try to get All Subscriber where Status is active it works and i got a result.

SELECT * FROM _ListSubscribers
WHERE ListID = 2677 AND status = 'active'

This seems like a basic query. What I doing wrong? Or one could give me suggestions to get the result on another way?


try inspecting what addMethod values you get from _ListSubscribers; it could be that the values are being logged differently for your listid .


FROM _ListSubscribers WHERE ListID = 2677
Group by AddMethod

It may be how the values are returned, so once you find the values you can adjust your query.

You could then try a Like Method too :

SELECT * FROM _ListSubscribers
WHERE ListID = 2677 AND addMethod Like '%Import%'

Without knowing how your contact records were imported to the list, we are only assuming you did it by Import

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