I'm a new at a company that does not have their org backed up. I'm trying to get it into github. I'm working with VSC and I added the ForceCode extension but it fails to pull standard objects.

Could someone help me troubleshoot? Or should I rely on ANT and download that?

Thank you

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I faced the same issue. I used "Retrieve all metadata" option with github. It will pull all the the metadata, including objects.

And select the auto deploy option on save to make sure all the changes are deployed back to your org.


I resolved this issue by:

  1. building a full xml file here - https://packagebuilder.herokuapp.com/
  2. Copy/Paste into VSC XML file
  3. Shift+Command+P - Refresh from server --> Retrieve by XML
  4. All standard objects were pulled
  5. Commit to GitHub

Why don't you use ANT Migration tool for pulling entire metadata instead of VS code. Follow below salesforce documentation: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_deploying_ant.htm


You can use Salesforce package.xml generator extension for vscode. You can choose the metadata that needs to be part of your package.xml


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Affiliation: I am the developer of this free-to-use vscode extension

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