I am trying to use attachfile ampscript in conjunction with date personalization string. Please see below steps:

1: Data Extract Activity which exports the data from data extension with the file name ContactDetails%%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%%.xlsx

2: File Transfer Activity which puts it into the import folder.

3: I use the attach file function %%=AttachFile('FTP','ContactDetails%%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%%.xlsx','ContactDetails%%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%%.xlsx')=%%

However when I receive the email instead of attached file I get the same ampscript %%=AttachFile('FTP','ContactDetails%%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%%.xlsx','ContactDetails%%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%%.xlsx')=%%

Please note that attach file function is enabled for the account. When I test the attach file as %%=AttachFile('FTP','20180221_New_CRM_Unsubscribers_Extract.txt','ContactDetailsTest.txt')=%%

I get the attachment successfully. Is there a way to use %%Year%%-%%Month%%-%%Day%% in attach file function.


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You can do something like this:


set @today = format(now(1),"yyyy-MM-dd")
set @fileName = concat("ContactDetails", @today, ".xslx")

AttachFile("FTP", @fileName, @fileName)


Wildcards are not supported in AMPScript. You will need to generate the filename using Date Time AMPScript functions.

  • Now() to get the current system date and time
  • DatePart() to get a specified part of a date. You will need DAY, MONTH and YEAR
  • Concat() to construct the filename from 'ContactDetails', 'YEAR', 'MONTH', 'DAY'..

Then use AttachFile() with the filename to attach the file.

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