My Parent Component

    <lightning:button onclick="{!c.editProductGenerationGrid}" disabled="{!v.disablebutton}" variant="brand" aura:id="Edit1" label="Edit" />  
<lightning:button onclick="{!c.updateNotifications}" disabled="{!v.disablebutton}" variant="brand" aura:id="Update1" label="Update" />
     <c:HBCProductDevelopment aura:id="porductDevelopmentDetails" porductDevelopmentDetails="{!v.Product_Generation_Grid}" />


updateNotifications : function(component,resolve, reject){
         var action = component.get("c.sendUpdateNotification");
         var inputVal = component.find('inputCmp');
         var value = inputVal.get("v.value");
                "hbcProductGenerationGrid": component.get("v.Product_Generation_Grid"),
            "sectionName" :component.get("v.currentSectionName")
        action.setCallback(this, function(response) {
                    if (response.getState() === "SUCCESS") {
                        alert('Record Updated');

My Child Component

<lightning:layoutitem flexibility="auto" padding="around-small" size="6">
            <lightning:input name="System Plan Name"
                label="System Plan Name" disabled="{!v.disableSection}"
                             type="text"  maxlength="100" aura:id="inputCmp" value="{!v.porductDevelopmentDetails.HBC_System_Plan_Name__c}"/>

Now my requirement is I need to check whether System Plan Name is null or not. To check this I need to get the aura:id value in my Parent. How can I get the value their?

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You're assigning the value of the Product_Generation_Grid attribute from your parent to your porductDevelopmentDetails attribute in your child.

Then, the Lightning system binds the two values.

So, in your parent, you only have to check this: $A.util.isEmpty(component.get("v.Product_Generation_Grid").HBC_System_Plan_Name__c)) == false

  • Thats Perfect.But when I try to display the error message var inputVal = component.get("v.Product_Generation_Grid").HBC_System_Plan_Name__c; if(isNaN(inputVal)) component.set("v.errors", [{message:"Input not a number:"}]); it is not getting displayed. Can you please update the answer – Eagerin Sf Feb 21 '18 at 9:52
  • Is there any reason why you set your lightning:input as type text instead of directly set it to number? – Martin Lezer Feb 21 '18 at 10:51

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