I am using apex:form and using apex:commandbutton is not allowing to use fontawesome icon inside that button. So, I want to create a button which will onClick call the apex:actionFunction and will submit that form.

Is it possible to submit the form using apex:actionfunction only not by apex:commandButton? If so, how?


Yes, you can do this, just make sure you cancel the default action:

<apex:actionFunction name="doAction" action="{!someMethod}" />
<button onclick="doAction(); return false;">Do Action!</button>

If you don't include a reRender attribute, it behaves mostly like a normal full-form submit, but if you do, it does a partial update of the page. The apex:actionFunction should be within the apex:form you wish to submit.

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  • I tried using the above it worked for me, but whenever I click the button it is refreshing the whole page, how we can prevent it. In my case I have a form with input elements and using a button I want to call that action function which will make the request to controller, and if it is completed I have to reRender a specific outputPanel. But unfortunately it is refreshing the whole page and reRender is not working for the same, Please suggest a better way to achieve this scenario. It will be very helpful to me. Thanks, – Prateek Kumar Feb 20 '18 at 6:56
  • @PrateekKumar the reRender should work. Make sure you're cancelling the default form submit. – sfdcfox Feb 20 '18 at 15:26

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