I used lightning tag called lightning:formattedText which requires Api version 41.0 or later. This tag is used in a component whose Api verson is set to 41.0. Am I need to set the Api version of parent component to 41.0 or is it still have what ever version it has earlier?

Lets say Component A is the container which has Component B inside it.

lightning:formattedText tag is referenced inside Component B. I've set Component B Api version to 41.0. Do I need to update Component A's Api version now to make lightning:formattedText tag working.

Note: I'm unable to create a new version of package because of upgrading existing lightning component's Api version from 40.0 to 41.0. Component A is previously released and Component B is going to release now.


For consistency and ease of debugging, salesforce recommend to set the same API version for all custom components in app.

Please see link Don’t Mix Component API Versions

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  • +1 Good to see that's in the documentation at least. I've always been a strong supporter of not trying to mix API versions intentionally, because bugs can, and do, happen. – sfdcfox Feb 19 '18 at 18:29

Yes, a component that requires lightning:formattedText will also force all parent components to use at least version 41.0. This update will happen automatically, whether want it to or not.

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