I have a scenario that user will approve records through email and added to approver some other user will also notified in the same email.

As content also varies I Planned to user visualforce template. Is it possible to add CC and BCC also? will that reflected in records (approve/Reject) if the user replies to the email?

Any suggestion?


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BCC & CC is not possible in approver notification email. we have set up an email alert to send additional emails.


Something you could do too (if that functionality isn't used yet), is use the "delegated approver" field and then, on the user that is set as the delegated user, set the receive approval notification emails to "approver or delegated approver".

Also another option would be to set a certain field on the object you are approving to (for example) "waiting approval X" and then have a workflow that is triggered by this field to go and send the required e-mails.

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