I have a lightning component called modal which is used in another component called Split, the modal takes an array of buttons to render them (and does some more) I have a working version of it in another component and wanted to use it again. But for some reason I receive the

Action failed: lightning:button$controller$handleClick [d.run is not a function]

Everytime I click the button.

The modal component takes the array of buttons like this:

let btns = [];      
btns.push(['lightning:button', {
    'label': 'Cancel',
    'onclick': cmp.getReference('c.onCancelClick'),
    'class': 'slds-button '
btns.push(['lightning:button', {
    'label': 'Confirm',
    'onclick': cmp.getReference('c.onConfirmClick'),
    'class': 'slds-button slds-button_brand'

let modal = cmp.find('confirmationDialog');          
modal.set('v.Buttons', btns);

The functions referenced in the onclick events are in the Split component.

Once the buttons are passed, they get created by


which works as expected. But clicking them gives the error.

For some reason it crashes in Google Chrome (Version 64.0.3282.167 (64-Bit))

works fine in Firefox (52.5.2 (32-bit))

And Edge says

Action failed: lightning:button$controller$handleClick [Object doesn't support property or method 'run']

And as mentioned before, it works in the other component (in all three browsers)

Can someone help me, fix this

PS.: All my components are API Version 42.0

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In my case I was missing the exclamation point in action in the component definition:

incorrect: onclick = "{ c.someEvent }"

correct: onclick = "{! c.someEvent}"


I'm not sure what is was, maybe a caching issue.

I created a new Component and copied everything over, that worked already. Then I tried using my first component again, which worked for some reason.

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