I have a future job that is called from an enqueued job. The code works fine when I run manual tests; however, when my test class, which looks like the code below doesn't finish the future job:

system.enqueueJob(new EnqueuableClass([InputParameters]));
System.assertEquals(true, futureJobIsComplete());

When I remove "@future" from the method and rerun the same test method, the assertion works fine. This problem looks very similar to this in nature but they are talking about batch from schedulable and not future from queueable but I would not be surprised if the root cause is the same. Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can resolve it?

UPDATE: All futureJobIsComplete() does is to query the database to assert the records that the futureJob was supposed to update are updated.

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Calling Test.stopTest() only forces any asynchronous processing which is already enqueued to fire. It does not affect any subsequent asynchronous processing kicked off by those jobs.

startTest    enqueueJob    stopTest
                            job runs synchronously
                            future invoked
                             future runs asynchronously
                             since stopTest hasn't been called since invocation

If you have a job which kicks off further asynchronous processing, test the execute method separately from your enqueueJob.

static void testJob()
        system.enqueueJob(new MyJob());

    // assert on what you can
static void testJobExecute()
        new MyJob().execute(/*context*/ null);
        Integer futureCalls = Limits.getFutureCalls();

    system.assertEquals(1, futureCalls, 'The future method should be called');
    // assert on future method behavior
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