Salesforce maintains a list of OrgPreferenceSettings, which allow scratch orgs to be spun up with certain settings enabled or disabled.

The full list from the above URL is, at the time of writing, as follows:

  • AnalyticsSharingEnable (available in version 40.0 and later)
  • AsyncSaveEnabled (available in version 40.0 and later)
  • ChatterEnabled
  • EnhancedEmailEnabled
  • EventLogWaveIntegEnabled
  • LoginForensicsEnabled
  • NetworksEnabled (available in version 40.0 and later)
  • NotesReservedPref01
  • OfflineDraftsEnabled
  • PathAssistantsEnabled
  • S1DesktopEnabled
  • S1EncryptedStoragePref2
  • S1OfflinePref
  • ScratchOrgManagementPref (available in version 41.0 and later)
  • SendThroughGmailPref
  • SocialProfilesEnable
  • Translation (available in version 40.0 and later)
  • VoiceEnabled

Some of these are obvious from the name - ChatterEnabled for instance enables or disables Chatter in the org. However, as can be seen from this question, not all of these are obvious at all, but I've yet to find any official documentation on these org preferences or their functionality.

Is there a documented list of what each of these org preferences actually does, or is it just guesswork from the name?


Here are those I could find:

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    Awesome, thanks very much! From my other question, it seems that S1EncryptedStoragePref2 is the (badly named) setting to turn off caching for lightning components, which makes development a whole lot easier. Not sure if it has any other side effects, though. – berry120 Feb 14 '18 at 18:54

An up-to date way of matching the OrgPreferenceSettings list is using the Settings metadata.

Using heroku/force CLI that would be:

force fetch -t Settings

Now you can search in the different settings metadata files for your org's preferences.

enter image description here

For example:

Accounts.settings contains the enableAccountTeams tag that would be translated IsAccountTeamsEnabled in the scratch-org definition file.

I'd put a bounty on an automatic translation tool if I could.

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