Iam creating dummy records for Topic and its assignment.Topic is creating successfully Topic assignment shows error

Below error:

Failed to assign topic to null. Please ensure you have permissions to assign topics for this record.

I have checked profile level,assign topic is enabled whats the issue here.

    Topic newTopic = new Topic(Name='newArticleTopic', 
    insert newTopic;

    Topic newTopic2 = [select Id from Topic where Id=:newTopic.Id];


    TopicAssignment newTopicAssignment = new TopicAssignment(TopicId=newTopic2.Id, NetworkId='0DB24000000TNlXGAW');
    insert newTopicAssignment;
  • Do you have Salesforce Communities is enabled in your organization.? – Tushar Sharma Feb 13 '18 at 9:23

Get rid of that NetworkId assignment. You don't really need to assign it in test class.


Once you remove it, the query will return the record.

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