I'm looking for a way to use fields from a data extension (that is the entry source for a journey) in the "Update Contact" activity.

I want to create a sort of log in a different data extension. Let's say I have a sourceDEthat is used by the journey and a journeylogDE where I would like to write the email of contact that's currently in the journey.

What should I write in the value field to get a value from the currently used record in the sourceDE?

I tried {{Contact.Attribute.sourceDE.email}}, but it did not return any values.

I would appreciate it if you could give me any tips how to fix this issue.

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    That data binding looks like it should work. Have you linked the data extension in the data designer? – Travis Naughton Feb 12 '18 at 22:55

I had the same question and finally came to a solution.

To access the attributes of the source DE you should use the following syntax : {{Event."DEAudience-8f8575fe-2e87-d24b-3e7b-e82f4320ff24"."Email"}}

To find the right id you should go on your JB with chrome, open the inspector and in the source code you can find it (just search "DEAudience"): enter image description here

You can now use any attribute from your source DE.

NB: If you change the source DE the DEAudience id will also change.

Hope it'll help.

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As I can see, the easiest way to find the right value to fill that fields in Update Contact Data is to start configuring some entry creation in Salesforce. For example, "create" Task activity.

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