I am having trouble creating this map, c2g__codaCompany__c name should be the key and ID of Journal_Staging__c should be the value.. please help? I currently have the following error:

Loop variable must be a generic SObject or List or a concrete SObject or List of: c2g__codaCompany__c

List<Journal_Staging__c> journals = new List<Journal_Staging__c>();
// map to get all companies
Map<Id, c2g__codaCompany__c> companies = New Map<Id, c2g__codaCompany__c>([Select Id, Name FROM c2g__codaCompany__c]);

// for each company, create a journal, setting that company id on the journal - pass this to list and make public 
for(c2g__codaCompany__c c : companies.keySet()) {
    journals.add(new Journal_Staging__c(
    // set company lookup - no name - auto generated - only put id not name, using get got the whole record. 
    Company__c = c.Id));

// insert journals to get id for jlis
insert journals;

// map of company name to journal id
List<Journal_Staging__c> getNewJournals = [Select Id, Name, Company__c FROM Journal_Staging__c];
Map<String, Id> companyJournal = New Map<String, Id>();

for(Journal_Staging__c j : [SELECT Name FROM c2g__codaCompany__c]) {
    companyJournal.put(j.Name, j.Id);

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You have a syntax error in the line:

for(c2g__codaCompany__c c : companies.keySet()) {

Your keySet has type Set<Id>, but your for loop is expecting a c2g__codaCompany__c. Change the line to

for(c2g__codaCompany__c c : companies.values()) {

to iterate over the set of c2g__codaCompany__c contained in the map.

Please see the Map class documentation for more details.

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