I'd like to know how many rows may have the data extension susceptible of being treated by a SQL.

I have 20 million records in my Data extension, so I would like to know how many rows can I assume in my query.


SQL queries in Marketing Cloud are bound to what can be run in 30 minutes. So to answer your question, the while the number of rows might be a factor (i.e too many rows) other factors include:

  • Number of columns (labels)
  • The complexity of the queries (joins , unions, computationally expensive)
  • Using Primary Keys in your data extensions make your queries faster
  • Making your SQL queries sargable See HERE
  • Querying system data views takes more time

In general, try to keep the above factors to a minimum of you have to. In your use case, I doubt you are in the position to reduce the number of columns. So I would limit the use of joins, querying data tables and make my queries sargable.

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