How would I create an array of the values from the flow and pass them into the APEX @InvocableMethod?

My method is taking in a list of Strings:

public static List<String> AutoStartFlowToWebservice(List<String> values) {...}

And my flow has 4 values to be passed but they need to be combined into one list in order to pass them to the Apex class. Right now they are all separated. Creating a collection variable doesn't seem right to me because there is no where to add the values to it. Is there another step that I need to do within the flow to add the values to the collection variable?

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Probably, this could be easy solution.

I would suggest to gather a String value in a comma delimited way from the flow and then pass it to the Invocable method.

The resultant String will look like this:

{!varCRCId} & ',' & {!varCRId}  & ',' & {!varManualStart}  & ',' & {!varProcessStep} 

So change the signature from List<String> to String

public static List<String> AutoStartFlowToWebservice(String values) {...}

And, you know how to split comma delimited String and create a List<String> in the invocable method (if needed).

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    that could work, good idea! – Olivia Feb 6 '18 at 20:53

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