I'm sending emails to large subscriber lists so I'm throttling the send in ExactTarget. I'm wondering how carefully I need to calculate the throttle rate.

For example, if I'm sending to 50,000 recipients at a time and I want to throttle the send at 5000 per hour. Let's say I only select the time frame to be from 2-6pm, so it will send 20,000 emails in that time. What happens to the rest of the 30,000 recipients? Do they not get the email or will the emails be sent in a huge batch after 6pm?

Additionally, what happens if I choose 'No Limit' for the throttle limit? Will ExactTarget more or less evenly spread the 50,000 recipients from 2-6pm and finish the send by 6pm?


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Maybe it's too late now and you already know the answer but here are my thoughts: For the first part of your question, the remaining 30000 will receive the following day between 2-6 pm

If there's no limit set, ET will send the max allowed within the time period and rest the following day at the same time. Not sure what the max limit is??

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